Duo Métanuits

Émile Parisien & Roberto Negro

La révélation

Friday 29th March
at Château Palmer
Private concert.

The concert

It’s within the intimate atmosphere of the château, at the heart of the Palmer village, that Émile Parisien launched this series of concerts to celebrate the 2018 vintage.

It was in this exact place, 10 years ago, that Jacky Terrasson and his piano sketched the musical profiles of Alter Ego and Château Palmer 2009…  Hear Palmer was born.

On 29th March 2019, it was Émile Parisien, accompanied by Roberto Negro’s piano, who shaked the château’s walls with his saxophone. Together, they formed Les Métanuits, a duo which set the tempo for this year’s event.

“The result of an outstanding job of recomposition, accentuation and improvisation, inhabited by this visionary and mischievous spirit which characterises the work of Roberto Negro, and the rigorous generosity of Émile Parisien.”

Franck Bergerot, Jazz Magazine

Roberto Negro in a few words…

Born in Turin to Italian parents, it was in the French-speaking environment of Kinshasa, Zaïre, that Negro grew up and had his first musical experiences.

After studying jazz at Chambéry conservatory, he moved to Paris in 2008 and began taking classes with such musicians as Marc Ducret, Denis Badault and Benoit Delbecq. He then spent a year at Le Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood, where he was awarded a prize for composition. A multitude of inter-disciplinary collaborations since followed, in which Roberto has flirted with theatre, poetry and theatrical song, notably with the trio Buffle, in which composes and plays alongside Xavier Machault and Pierre Dodet. Finally in 2011, he participated in creating the musicians’ association project Tricollectif, which has become the main focus for his creations.

He founded the La Scala quartet with Théo Ceccaldi on violin, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello and Adrien Chennebault on drums, all members of the collective. Then in 2012, he composed Loving Suite pour Birdy So, a sort of mini-opera for string quintet and voice, with the singer Elise Caron.

Always hungry for fresh encounters, experiences and experiments, Roberto Negro is today involved with a multitude of projects. Among them is his trio Dadada with Émile Parisien and Michele Rabbia. In recent years he has been collaborating with the theatrical company Les Veilleurs, led by director Emilie Leroux. His versatile style allows him to play alongside a wide diversity of musicians, such as Michel Portal Louis Sclavis, Daniel Humair, Laurent Dehors, Franck Vaillant, Andy Emler, Joce Mienniel, David Enhco, Luis Vicente, as well as Nicolas Crosse and Eric-Maria Couturier from the Ensemble Inter-Contemporain. In 2016, he was named one of Jazz Magazine’s artistic “revelations” of the year.

“Negro triggers a flood of imagery in the mind of the listener. How does one explain this gift? Undoubtedly it’s his virtuosity, his delicate touch, his sense of giddiness, his mastery of the art of weightlessness. And in the end, the enormous musical culture of the man.”

Bruno Pfeiffer, Libération


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